"Silicon Valley’s unique spirit is based on its people who are willing to change the world through, among other things, talent, bravery, hard work, and persistence. To build a successful company in such demanding market like this one, you need to reach out to the right professionals who through their wide expertise, openness and willingness to share will help you scale your business. Kathrina Miranda, Founder & CEO, and Carole Wright, COO, of MiMA Marketing Agency, are an example of top-tier marketing/PR professionals with extensive knowledge, experience and competence, crowned with an up-beat attitude and pleasure-to-work-with approach. They have been effectively working with Polish companies, participants of the US-Polish Trade Council’s USPoland Innovation HUB program, on their expansion path into the U.S. market. We, at the US-Polish Trade Council, look forward to much more successful collaborations with MiMA." -ELA KOZERA, DIRECTOR OF PROGRAMS, US-POLISH TRADE COUNCIL


"MiMA has been supporting the launch of our app in Silicon Valley for 6 months now. Their help, experience and connections are invaluable. They were the most enthusiastic and hardworking people, going out of their way to achieve the goals, and soon enough they felt like a part of our company. I highly recommend working with them." - GRAZYNA SZCZEPANIAK, CO-FOUNDER, BOOKE MOBILE APP

"MiMA is simply an All-Star team producing All-Star work! I highly recommend them." - GREG GARRETT, COO, SILICON VALLEY NON-PROFIT

"MiMA is a Multicultural Strategist that understands our Big Why..." -C. Ruiz, SILICON VALLEY COMMUNITY LEADER

“We are in a much stronger position as an organization since we brought MiMA on board, you absolutely share in our success, you’ve helped to make us look good!” -Silicon Valley Executive Director


Loved Worldwide

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