Market Research

Week of 9/24/18 & 10/1/18

On Tuesday evening, I had the great honor to attend a dinner with Mayor Libby Schaaf of Oakland and women leaders of other organizations listed below. Instructions:

Go through each of the websites. With your group, complete the lean canvas #1, 2, 3, 5, 6 starting with #2, their solution.


  1. Prepare a one page report of your findings (Google docs)

  2. Design 3 social media posts using promoting the organization (submit in JPG format)

  3. Create a 30-60 second edited commercial

Guest Speaker

Periods: 0, 2, 4: Write a thank you note to Officer Edwards

  • to:

  • cc: for credit

  • Subject: Thank you!

  • Include 3-4 sentences on what you learned and/or appreciated

  • Start with Dear Officer Edwards,

  • Type your full name at the bottom and Mt. Eden High School

Magazine Cover

Week of 9/24/18

Using, create a magazine cover of yourself. It must include:

  • Title of Magazine (You can use one that already exists <CLICK HERE> or create your own)

  • Your first and last name

  • A photo of yourself

  • October 2018 Issue

  • Hayward, CA

  • Mt. Eden High School, Eden Area ROP, NFTE (You can use their logos)

  • An inspirational quote

  • Entrepreneurial mindset that represents you <CLICK HERE>

  • Upon completion, click the download botton in Canva (top right) as a JPG and email it to

Zero Period:

  • Each student to enroll in the NFTE online classroom. Use your email as your login


  • Once you log in, click on Quizzes and DA01: Diagnostic Assessment

    • Directions: This test will let you show what you know about entrepreneurship. Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. There may be questions that you will learn the answer to in this course. If you do not know the answer to a question yet, take your best educated guess.

CONGRATULATIONS Yearbook T-Shirt Designer, Mia Martinez!!!



Lego Project

Week of 9/17



Last week your team created a new line for Lego. Create Google slides and include the photos of your product:

  • Slide 1: Cover page with name of company and team members

  • Slide 2: Bullet points of Problems/Solutions with images of problems to support the slide

  • Slide 3: UVP* with photos of your product, Target Market (customer) and EOU (economics of one unit)

  • Slide 4: Choose 3 strategic partnerships with other brands that will enhance your product.

  • Slide 5: Marketing

Take your time in answering these questions honestly and to the best of your ability -- there are no right or wrong answers! At the end of the survey, you will see your individual student report.

Pre-EMI Survey:


Week of 9/17