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We have supported hundreds of entrepreneurs, seasoned business owners, international startups and executives from the San Francisco Bay Area to Europe. We cover a range of offerings including identifying ways to differentiate your business; attracting and retaining customers; and developing strategies to meet future needs.





Current Projects

Video Production

Amelia's Napa, a series produced for distribution on public television and for online viewing. 

Amelia Morán Ceja is the first Mexican-American woman to be elected president of a commercial winery in Napa Valley, Ceja Vineyards

Market Opportunity Analysis

A market opportunity analysis can help build a competitive advantage, understand your value proposition and distinguish your brand from the rest of the market.

The deliverable from this project will include an executive presentation on the subject matter, as well as the accumulated background information and expert interview summaries. 

Our CEO's experience ranges from leading market research and consulting for lean startups to large enterprises such as VMware, Cisco, Microsoft, HP and Citrix. 

Personal Branding

A clearly defined and consistent brand is vital to help potential clients locate and understand your services. This is especially true when you have multiple skill sets that lend themselves to a variety of services.

Building your lifestyle brand will require a consistent campaign designed to engage the media on all levels. We will use our expertise in branding and positioning to craft a message that will resonate with existing and potential clients and simultaneously be of interest to insiders and influencers. 




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