Will Tesla Go Top Dutch?



Top Dutch is an initiative formed by entrepreneurs and governors to promote Northern Netherlands. In a bid to become the greenest energy region in Europe, the Top Dutch region is building the largest joint solar array in the world and regional businesses are investing heavily in electric driving.

A recent survey of 400 business owners shows 75% of companies in the Top Dutch region plan to electrify their fleet in the next few years, resulting in a demand for 20,000 electric cars, a business deal of over $1 billion. In addition, there are plans to develop solar parks with a capacity of 1.75GW, creating demand for an additional 5 million solar panels to complete the solar array, an estimated purchase of $1.5 billion.

“Our main goal is for Tesla to build their Gigafactory here in the region. But, of course, supplying solar panels and cars to our region is also fine,” says TT-chairman Arjan Bos. This message is not just for Elon Musk. “Anyone who produces solar panels and electric cars is welcome to help us achieve our renewable energy goals.”

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