Social Entrepreneur Empowers Women from Peru & Mexico to the United States

Jacqueline Cisneros, Founder & CEO of   ATOYAK

Jacqueline Cisneros, Founder & CEO of ATOYAK

"Starting a global business with a social focus like ATOYAK has been a wonderful journey that has reached many milestones to help provide job opportunities to empower women.  Just like any small business however, we too have had to overcome many obstacles that came about but never stopped the drive to help or continue on this journey. Thinking back on our past experiences and ones we are currently undergoing … one of the biggest pain points or challenges we have faced has been funding and learning about the different laws and requirements needed to do business in and/or with three countries. I am dedicated to fulfill our mission: To create sustainable job opportunities that empower women in small towns of Mexico to rise out of poverty and live with dignity." - Jacqueline Cisneros, Founder & CEO, ATOYAK

ATOYAK's products are environmentally friendly leveraging only GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton yarn, which is hand-spun and dyed naturally with real plants. They are free of toxins and chemicals that can harm the environment or humans. Furthermore, every product purchased translates into a tangible work opportunity for women in small towns of Mexico and Peru. Your order is a contribution that alleviates the poverty these women face due to scarce employment opportunities.