Viral Video Marketing Hack by Mike McRitchie

Thank you to Mike McRitchieSmall Business Strategist and “Profit Inspector” for this blog post!

Everyone wants to make their blog posts and videos go viral.  And there are many ways to short-cut the  process. Whether that is having unique and awesome content, getting influencers on board to promote it, or tying to something that is hot in the public consciousness.

This one though was an interesting twist.

Now before I go into I must confess…I do have a vested interest…

I’ll tell you what it is at the end.

So what is the twist that makes this video so interesting?

Think back to Apple.  How often do you see Apple advertise these days?


Actually no.

What you’re seeing is Apple everywhere.  But it isn’t Apple advertising per se.

It is Apple product placement.  Whether it is in movies or TV shows or other commercials that are leveraging off of Apple’s awesome products.

And just like Apple, you can do the same.

This video is a perfect example.

In this case you start off with a celebrity-based talk show (Modern Living with Kathy Ireland) – always a great way to start.

Then you have someone being interviewed – marketing expert Kathrina Miranda from the MiMA Marketing Agency.

Then you have the product placement.  In the video it is the testimonial video shown on the screen during the interview –HIPLegal’s spokeswoman, Annie Rogaski.

The exciting thing about this is there are actually three people marketing in this video – Kathy Ireland, Kathrina Miranda (MiMA), and Annie Rogaski (HIPLegal).

Imagine the exposure you get from this approach.

  • For the interviewer they get a great interview and added credibility
  • For the interviewee they get exposure from a key influencer’s audience/fan base
  • For the product/service placement person they get publicity from both audiences (in this case Kathy’s and Kathrina’s audiences).
  • And with this video you can also post to your blog (as I did here)
  • You can also tweet it, share it, and like it on all the social media channels
  • You can add it to your About or Media page for added credibility booster
  • If you’re the subject (Kathrina) of the testimonial then you can use the video with future offers or in sales presentations – isn’t it better to have someone else talk about how awesome you are?

So those are the big takeaways I got.

Now what other marketing ideas were interesting in this video?

  1. Video marketing is currently an awesome way to market.  People love videos (think YouTube as the 2nd most popular search engine behind Google).
  2. H2H – human to human marketing instead of B2B or B2C marketing.  The human touch is something many people overlook in their quest to become more credible they tend to corpify their marketing (basically make it sound boring, overly technical, and not focused on true benefits for the person buying the product or service).  H2H is a great habit of thinking to get into with your marketing.  Kudos to MiMA
  3. In the testimonial they talked about MiMA being essentially their “external marketing department”.  People often try to do it all themselves.  And as such they lose out on so many opportunities that could be leveraged from someone else’s knowledge, expertise, or insight due to not being as close to the business as you are.  And building relationships with those around you often translates into new opportunities.  HIPLegal wouldn’t have been promoted on Kathy Ireland’s show had it not been for the relationship with Kathrina.

What did you get from this video?  Any other insights?  If you liked it please share, like and tweet this.

P. S.  About that vested interest I mentioned at the start of this post?  Annie is my sister.  So proud of her.  And if you need intellectual property guidance check out her firm, HIPLegal.