MiMA's CEO, Kathrina Miranda, mentors hundreds of young entrepreneurs from underserved communities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Inspired by their creativity, innovation, and passion to solve problems, Creative Lab was born.



Creative Lab is to create a safe place for students to receive business training, gain real-world experience and earn a decent wage for their work all while paying it forward in their communities. Our projects focus on developing and implementing solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues through entrepreneurship and technology. Please consider Creative Lab students for your business needs or contribute to our scholarship program.



#1 Train youth in business and technology to stay competitive in the market.

#2 Connect youth to local businesses and prepare them for internships and job placements. 

#3 Support our youth entrepreneurs with creating, planning, launching and marketing their businesses.



In order to sustain our lab, young entrepreneurs are available for hire. Check out our menu of services for your next project:  

  • Market Research/Reports

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Graphic Design: Logos, Flyers, Stickers, Brochures, Magazines, Posters

  • Think Tank

  • Video Production 

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Photography 

  • T-Shirt Design

  • Music Production (original raps and beats)

  • Pitch Deck

"For the past two years I’ve sensed something revolutionary happening: my entrepreneurship peers are genuinely engaging. The fact that we're disrupting education for both students and educators alike is the most fulfilling feeling ever!"  -  Uriel Pineda , Founder

"For the past two years I’ve sensed something revolutionary happening: my entrepreneurship peers are genuinely engaging. The fact that we're disrupting education for both students and educators alike is the most fulfilling feeling ever!"

- Uriel Pineda, Founder







Whether it be a business pitch competition or a real world business project, Creative Lab is involved.

  • 420 Students trained

  • 1,800 Hours of training

  • $11,500 Paid projects*

  • 131 Field hours*

*University of San Francisco, SAP, Moody's Analytics, Mills College, Nerd Wallet, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, Hayward City Hall, San Jose Sharks at SAP Center, Teen HQ, College Track, New York Life, ZGC Silicon Valley, Globaleur, Green Clean Bio, Rotary, 42 Silicon Valley, Union Bank, Fremont Bank



A huge thank you to all our supporters!




Guest Mentors have become a key part of the Creative Lab experience. They expose students to life experiences from the position of someone who has been there. Research shows that it helps students build crucial connections between what they're learning and real-world application. We are so appreciative of the following guest mentors!

  • Connor Krone, SILAF Founder

  • Tony Deblauwe, Silicon Valley Executive

  • Roxanne Deblauwe, Visual Branding Expert

  • Quency Phillips, Global Executive

  • Sara Lamnin, Councilmember

  • Abraham Mendoza, Hayward Chamber  

  • Dr. Derrell Blackburn, Entrepreneur & Educator

  • Helen Jarrett, Communications Expert

  • Elisa Marquez, Councilmember

  • Dawn Fregosa, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship

  • Michael Singer, Oracle

  • Michael McCarthy, Harvard

  • James Da Costa, Hult Prize

  • Carole Wright, COO

  • Francisco Zermeño, Councilmember

  • Janiene Langford, Institute for STEM Education & California State University East Bay

  • Chandra Brooks, Author

  • Marlan Simpson, Entrepreneur & Educator

Youth Feature: Joseph Franco

Joseph Franco & Kathrina Miranda

Joseph joined Creative Lab in 2017 and created FConnect, a mobile app to bring college and housing resources to half a million Foster Youth. He doesn't want other foster youth to suffer the same struggles he encountered when he was in the system.

FConnect Timeline: 

  • August 2017 - Joseph begins his entrepreneurial journey at Creative Lab

  • March 2018 - First place at his high school in Hayward, CA  beating out 145 students for $100.

  • May 2018 - First place at the NFTE semifinals at College Track in San Francisco, CA for $100.

  • June 2018 - Second place at the NFTE regional competition against the top bay area students in San Francisco, CA for $1,000.

  • June 2018 - Presentation for the esteemed, University of San Francisco.

  • October 2018 - Joseph will compete at the NFTE national competition in New York City for a chance to win $15,000.

Help Joseph reach his goals by donating to our youth scholarship program!




"I always dreamed of becoming the first-generation college student in my family. Through the Creative Lab program, I’ve learned how thinking like an entrepreneur can help overcome world challenges such as the need for empowering women in stem. I was part of NFTE’S World Series of Innovation where my partner and I were nominated top 10 finalist for our project Next Female Engineers that focuses on helping Indigenous women who struggle to obtain a better education as a result of poverty and empowering them to pursue engineering." - Guadalupe

Guadalupe's Journey: 

  • August 2016 - Joined Creative Lab  

  • January 2017 - Top 10 Category Finalist in the Pitney Bowes STEM Education Challenge for the World Series of Innovation based on the originality, creativity, and thoroughness of their submission. 

  • March 2017 -Waitlisted and appealed for University of San Francisco

  • May 2017 - NFTE Business Plan Competition at the Kapor Center for Social Impact in Oakland, CA

  • August 2017 - International Business and Legal Studies Major at University of San Francisco!

  • April 2018 - Judge at NFTE Business Pitch Competition in Hayward, CA 

  • June 2018 - Co-Founder at Creative Lab

Help Guadalupe reach her educational and career goals by donating to our youth scholarship program!




Your partnership with Creative Lab tells our youth, like Joseph and Guadalupe that despite their daily struggles, there is a community who will support them as they strive towards their goals. Your donations are helping cultivate a world-class talent pool through the guidance of business executives and educators. Your support provides a bridge of opportunity connecting youth from underserved communities to continuing education, employers, and disruptive start-ups. We would be honored to accept donations in any amount, however, if you or your organization would be interested in funding more than one youth, we would greatly appreciate it.

$5,000 funds 8 students

$10,000 funds 16 students

$20,000 funds 32 students

$25,000 funds 40 students

Your donation is tax deductible through our fiscal sponsor, LA ALIANZA DE HAYWARD (Tax ID 94-3381553)




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